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, Never Again Tabs, Chords

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- Never Again (Chords)

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Capo 1

D                G             D
I'll never write another song again
      G                  D   
Cause they all sound the same
      G            D
And I should be ashamed
        G             D
And I'm breaking my guitar
        A     D
Soon as I get home

And I'll never have another drink again
Cause I woke up on the floor
Can't remember anymore
And it's going down the drain
Soon as I get home

Bm    D
Never again
Bm    D         A
Never again

I'll never smoke another cigarette
Cause it smells like s**t
Can't afford to pay for it
And I'll break 'em all in half
Soon as I get home

I'm never gonna fall in love again
Cause they'll break you in two
And there ain't nothing you can do
I'm unplugging my phone
Soon as I get home

Never again
Never again

I'm never gonna vote for president
Cause their all the same
Close your eyes and pick a name
We should throw the bastards out 
Soon as we get home

Never again
Never again

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