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- Second To None (Chords)

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SECOND TO NONE- Travis Mitchell Band
Written by Travis Mitchell ĖAlbum Forget Whatís Wrong

Intro:  G C Ė G-Dx2

The times I donít care    G   D
The times I donít know  G   C
Your closest to me        G  C
Everywhere I go             G  D

Always smiling at me                                  
Like the morning sun
Iíll never walk 
And youíll never run
Your love is second to none  G

Second to none                            G  C
Your love is second to none       G   C-G
No matter how far behind         G   C
I already feel like Iíve won       G   D
Second to none                           G  C
I know youíre the one                G G/F#  Em
Cause were headed down the road  C  G
To a forever never done                  D  G

The shiver I sometimes get
When you touch my arm  
The way you laugh at my silly jokes
And fall for my boyish charm

Right out of the gates
I knew you were the one
 Cause we jumped into first
As soon as we heard that gun
Your love is second to none 
 Repeat Chorus

No matter what Iíll try my best    D
Not to slow us down                    C-G
I hope we go the long straight route   Em
Instead of going round and round       C  D
So together we can leave this town  D   

Repeat Chorus

Travis Mitchell Band Tabs & Chords

Travis Mitchell Band Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Travis Mitchell Band
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  1. Travis Mitchell Band - Second To None Chords

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