Trini Triggs, Straight Tequila Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Trini Triggs, Straight Tequila Tabs, Chords

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Trini Triggs - Straight Tequila (Chords)

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Trini Triggs

Staight Tequila:
As sung by Trini Triggs
From: Eddie Garcia

        "Straight Tequila"

I'm down and out on the border
She's in love up in Dallas
She says it's over I'm still thinkin' about us
Well I'm on the run with a heartache hot on my heels
So I'm stirring up feelings like booze in a blender
And pouring my heart out to love her tender
Well out on the border while she holds another tonight...


And I'm pouring straight tequila over mixed emotions
Drowning my sorrow by crying an ocean
Should I stoop to beg or just let her go
I'm in a sea confusion and I can't swim
One minute I'm fumin' then I'm crying again
Pouring straight tequila over mixed emotions tonight

A shaker of salt, a quarter of lime
Turning three finger shooters a' one at a time
Chased by a memory tonight that I can't escape
I'm down to my last buck and my last swallow
And just my luck Hey there's a worm in my bottle
But it's my last shot so here's to love on the rocks...


And I'm pouring straight tequila
over mixed emotions tonight!!!

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Triggs Trini Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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