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Tanya Tucker, Some Kind Of Trouble Chords

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Tanya Tucker - Some Kind Of Trouble (Chords)

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                Some Kind Of Trouble

         Intro (Abm F#) repeat 5 times

         Abm      F#              Abm         F#
         Late one night I heard a knock on my door
         Abm   F#            Abm    F#
         No surprise, it was my landlord
         Abm         F#        Abm           F#
         He notified me, I was late with the rent
         Abm             F#           Abm
         So what can you do when your last dollar's spent
                 Abm    B  C#  Abm  F#      Abm     B  C
         You got trouble,      some kind of trouble

         Abm            F#         Abm      F#
         I called up my baby for a little advice
                Abm      F#          Abm          F#
         'Cause my sugar baby always treats me so nice
         Abm           F#              Abm     F#
         I had a funny feelin' that he wasn't alone
                Abm           F#            Abm
         When I heard another voice whisper hang up the phone
               Abm    B    C#  Abm  F#      Abm     B  C
         I got trouble,        some kind of trouble

         Trouble in my heart
         Trouble in my mind
                 C#                    Eb
         There's never any trouble for me to find
                      Abm      F#     Abm   B   C
         Some kind of trouble

         I went to my boss, said I need a little time

         To work on this poor broken heart of mine

         He said, I'd like to help you, I been there before

         But the problem is girl, you don't work here no more

         You got trouble, some kind of trouble

         (Repeat REPRIVE)

         (Instrumental) B - C# - Abm - B - C# - Eb

         I was down about as low as a body can be

         So I talked to my preacher 'bout prayin' for me

         He smiled and he said, "Child you're not alone"

         Cause all God's children got to deal wi ƒÏ

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