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Phil Vassar, Athens Grease Chords

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Phil Vassar - Athens Grease (Chords)

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                Phil Vassar - Athens Grease

Verse 1
If you're headin' south on Georgia one twenty-nine

Straight into Athens past the Clark County line
            E                                            A
There's an old Texaco right across from the Athens Woolworth
Billy Joe Taylor's underneath that lift

There ain't a car on the planet that he can't fix
     E                                                    A
He swears on his chrome-plated ratchet that his heaven on earth

Well, he can make a rusty muffler purr like a kitten
Or an old Nash Rambler top out at one-fifty
Georgia's never seen a man more at peace
Than when Billy's got his hands in 

Athen's Grease

Verse 2
Six days a week, he's a man on a mission

He's the redneck Picasso of the manual transmission
         E                                                  A
And the only man in town who can make Charlie Vincent's van go
When the sun goes down and the day is endin'

Billy's still rockin' with a rack and pinion
E                                               A
Long as that boy's at work, well he's right at home

Back to Chorus
Well, he's a rotatin,' lug nuttin,'
D                       A
Spark pluggin' good ole boy

With his name on his shirt
           E                      D
And Thelma Lou Taylor likes to hang out at the station
'Cause she loves to watch him work

Back to Chorus
After Chorus
Yeah, Georgia's never seen a man more at peace
Than when Billy's got his hands in 

Athen's Grease

Athen's grease, baby

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