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The Wailin' Jennys, Begin Chords

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The Wailin' Jennys - Begin (Chords)

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                Capo 4

  C             Am
Hey, maybe the time
            Em           G
just wasn't right to hang on
 C                  Am
When are you gonna learn
                 Em               G
Sometimes things turn instead of turn out

F                       G
Hey, when are you gonna stand
             Am            Em
Stop looking over your shoulder
 F                       G
Me, with a head full of words
            Am             Em
And not one useful expression
 F              G G7     C   Am   Em
Hey,            Hey, let go

 C                      Am
We, with holes in our hearts
Were whole at the start
Our story began
 C                          Am
We film ourselves 'til the end
         Em                      G
Try to suspend our lives in the dark

F                       G
Hey, when are you gonna stand
              Am          Em
Stop looking over your shoulder
 F                       G
See, there's a sun in the sky
                      Am            Em
And a moon that will take us til morning
 F                   G
When are you gonna stand
          Am           Em
Stop and begin this moment
F                      G    G7   C   Am      Em            end on C
Hey, let go (will we be the ones to understand?)

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