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Jimmy Wayne, Sara Smile Chords

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Jimmy Wayne - Sara Smile (Chords)

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                Sara Smile – Jimmy Wayne 	 (tempo 71)

(E) 	 Lead: C#m  G#m  A  B (x2)  

(C#m) Baby hair (B) with a woman's eyes (A) 
I can feel you watching (G#) in the night (G#7 )
(C#m) All alone with me I (B) am waiting for the (A) sunlight (G#) ..ight  (G#7)
(A) When I (A/B) feel cold you (A/C)warm (C#m) me 
And when I (A) feel I can't go (A/B) on you come and (D) and (C#m) hold me 
(F#m) It's you and me, forever…
Sara (C#m) Smile  (G#m) (A) (B)
Won't you (C#m) smile a while for (G#m) me Sara?  (A) (B)
(C#m) If you feel like leaving you (B ) know you can go (A) 
why don't you stay until (G#) tomorrow?  (G#7)
(C#m) If you want to be (B) free all (A) you have to do is (G#) say so  (G#7)
(A) When you (A/B) feel cold (A/C) I warm (C#m) you
And when you (A) feel you can't go (A/B) on I come and (D) and (C#m) hold you
(F#m) It's you and me, forever…
Repeat Chorus (2x)
A/Ab/A B C#   Eb/E/Eb  A B (3x) last time no B and hold (C)
Repeat Chorus and fade 

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