Kitty Wells, How Far Is Heaven Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Kitty Wells, How Far Is Heaven Tabs, Chords

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Kitty Wells - How Far Is Heaven (Chords)

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Recorded by Kitty Wells
Writers: Tillman Franks and Jimmie Davis 

[C] How [C7] far is [F] heaven, let's go to-[C] night 
I want my [G7] daddy to hold me [C] tight. 

[C] A little girl was waiting for her daddy one [G7] day 
It was time to meet him, when she heard her mommy [C] say 
Come to mama, darling, please do not [F] cry 
Daddy's gone to [C] heaven, [G7] way up in the [C] sky. 

[C] How [C7] Far Is [F] Heaven, when can I [C] go 
To see my [G7] daddy, he's there, I [C] know 
How [C7] Far Is [F] Heaven, let's go to-[C] night 
I want my [G7] daddy to hold me [C] tight. 

He was called so suddenly and could not say goodbye 
I know that he's in heaven, we'll meet him by and by 
The little girl trembled, her tears she could not hide 
She looked up towards heaven and then she replied. 


Wells Kitty Tabs & Chords

Wells Kitty Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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