Tex Wendellsson, My Friend, My Love, My Life Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Tex Wendellsson, My Friend, My Love, My Life Tabs, Chords

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Tex Wendellsson - My Friend, My Love, My Life (Chords)

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My Friend, My Love, My Wife
 4/4                              by Tex Wendellsson/c.1999
             [ up softly ]      
G: xx0787 - 9 - 10
D: xx0775
(repeat this for the intro)
      G:                      D:          
She wakes me in the mornin'
      G:                  D:
soft kisses on my cheeks
    G:                    D:  Em/D  D  
I feel her love surrounding me
 Em                   A  
lo-ng before she speaks
    G:                   D:           
She knows how I adore her,
   G:                      D:
I trust her with my life,
  G:             D:   Em/D  D    
I'm so glad I found her
    Em           A              D
my friend, my love , my Wife.

G                        A                    D                     G //
How could I give back to her the thing she given me
Em                            Bm                     Em            A
If I'd started when the world began, it'd take eternity,
    G                         A
to prove my undying love for her
            D                           G //
and I'll give everything she'd like
Em                   Bm
I thank GOD for Carol Ann
    Em           A            D
my friend, my love, my Wife

segue   C   G   D       C   G   A   

Each day brings something special
as she puts her hands in mine.
We'll brave this world together
and things will work out fine.
Her smiles fill my heart with laughter
as she gently calms all the strife,
I hope I never face a moment without her,
my friend, my love, my Wife
yehh she's my friend,           A                       7 7
                              she's my love       G: xxx6/6/10
                                                  she's my Wife

[Thanks to Tex Wendellsson for tabs]

Wendellsson Tex Tabs & Chords

Wendellsson Tex Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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