Drake White, Cold Beer With My Name On It Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Drake White, Cold Beer With My Name On It Tabs, Chords

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Drake White - Cold Beer With My Name On It (Chords)

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Cold Beer With My Name On It
Drake White

I'm not sure what the chord is called, so I just called it a Dsus4
It's played Dsus4 - xo3233

Verse 1

Dsus4       Cadd9                    G
Politician's got more money than he needs
     Dsus4            Cadd9                  G
I'm swinging a hammer making bout a penny a swing
Dsus4                Cadd9             G
People stressed out, caught up in the grind
    Dsus4         Cadd9             G
I'm with you, man, come on let's unwind

        G   Cadd9         G       Cadd9
I got a cold beer with my name on it
       G       Cadd9       G           D
Gonna leave my worries and troubles behind
    G                  Cadd9        G               Cadd9
Not gonna think about tomorrow and all of life's bulls**t
        G   Cadd9   D                    G 
I got a co---old    beer with my name on it

Verse 2
       Dsus4             Cadd9               G
Well, I pay my share you know to the old tax man
        Dsus4             Cadd9          G
Take what I got left and I do the best I can
        Dsus4             Cadd9                G
I got an uphill battle, but I ain't scared to climb
      Dsus4                  Cadd9           G
But tonight I need a break to rest my weary mind

(Repeat Chorus)

Instrumental: Dsus4  Cadd9  G (4X)

           Dsus4               Cadd9
I got some folding money in my pocket tonight
       G                       D
Well, life's a b***h but I'm alright

(Repeat Chorus) 

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White Drake Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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