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Slim Whitman, Its A Sin To Tell A Lie Chords

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Slim Whitman - Its A Sin To Tell A Lie (Chords)

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Slim Whitman recorded this as did 'Somethin' Smith and the Redheads'

It's a sin to tell a lie

Be sure it's[G] true when you [Dº5]say I [G]love you
    It's a sin to [B7]tell a [C]lie
[D7]Millions of hearts have been [G]broken
    [A7]Just because these words were [D7]spoken

I love [G]you, yes I [Dº5]do, I [G]love you
    If you break my [B7]heart I'll [C]die
So be sure it's [Cm7]true when you [G]say I love [E7]you
    It's a [A7]sin to [D7]tell a [G]lie

'Cross my heart and I hope to die,
    I'll never, never, never tell another white lie
'Took a little doll out on a date last night,
    Next to her Gravel Gerdy woulda looked allright
I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea
    'Cause I said 'Baby you look good to me'
I told her I loved her, but oh how I lied
    Now she's getting set to be my blushing bride
If she leads me to the alter then I'm sunk
    Cause I can't tell the preacher I was drunk
Lord have mercy on a no-account sinner
    Give me one more chance to let another guy win her
Cross my heart and I hope to die
    I'll never, never, never tell another white lie.

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