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Judd Wynonna, Come Some Rainy Day Chords

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Judd Wynonna - Come Some Rainy Day (Chords)

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F#                     B
What good's a dollar without your baby sister
F#                             B
Two scoops of ice cream on a summer afternoon
F#               B
We ran wild and all we ever wanted
F#                       B                        C#
Was to rule the world between our house and the school
        F  X  B
We move on        put those dreams away
                               C#              F#
Thinking that we'll find them come some rainy day
F#                      B
First time I saw you I know I would love you
F#                                  B
Half-way through sophomore year I finally asked your name
F#                    B
When I kissed you I lost my heart completely
F#                     B                 C#
And all we wanted was just to stay that way
        F# X  B
We move on         put those dreams away
Hoping that we'll find them come some rainy day
              F#                         B
How could I know that everything would change
                           C#             F#
Except the way I miss you come some rainy day
A                               Bm                   C#m
I sit and laugh with friends at what we've all been through
                                Bm                 C#
I still catch my breathe when someone mentions you-ou
         F#  X  B
We move on           and put those dreams away
                       C#              F#
Baby I still miss you come some rainy day.

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