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Sanders Adam lyrics

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Sanders Adam Lyrics

Sanders Adam Chords

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Album Lyrics: I Wanna Be Somebody [2022]

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Adam Sanders
"I Wanna Be Somebody" [2022]

  1. I Wanna Be Somebody
  2. Good Day To Fly
  3. Sellout
  4. Not Like Me
  5. Beer To There
  6. One Ways

Album Lyrics: All Summer Long [2022]

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Adam Sanders
"All Summer Long" [2022]

  1. All Summer Long
  2. Sounds Like Something I'd Do
  3. She's In It
  4. Mighta Just Met Her
  5. Still Gotta Lotta You In It
  6. Dirty Money

Album Lyrics: 90's Kid [2022]

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Adam Sanders
"90's Kid" [2022]

  1. Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It
  2. She's In Love
  3. Between The Devil And Me
  4. What I Need To Do
  5. Heads Carolina, Tails California
  6. The Coast Is Clear

Album Lyrics: What If I'm Right [2021]

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Adam Sanders
"What If I'm Right" [2021]

  1. All About That
  2. Just Need One
  3. What If I'm Right
  4. Make Em Wanna Change
  5. Bible Versus
  6. Daddy Jesus And Earnhardt
  7. So Good At That
  8. Do What We Do
  9. Burn The Stars
  10. My Kinda People
  11. I Got Roots
  12. Good Way To Go
  13. In Case You're Listening

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