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Redneck, Unread Hicks lyrics - Adeem the Artist

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Everybody gather 'round, we got another one here
It's got the pronouns listed, it's a genuine queer
Singing, "Black lives matter," to a Jimmie Rodgers melody, y’all
Well, these rednecks and unread hicks ain't the same 'round here anymore

[Verse 2]
Got the lotus sutra loaded, shoot you straight in the ear
I'm liable, talking Bible with Rumi in a field
Get out the red book hymnal, scream, shout, and dance all night
Well, us rednecks and unread hicks were screaming, "Free Palestine"
[Verse 3]
Well, I've been breaking my back and, no, that's not what I mean
The sanctity of marriage ain't a black and white thing
I reckon my love's more sacred than Donald Trump's third go around
Well, these rednecks and unread hicks in a backyard with two wedding gowns

[Verse 4]
There's a trans femme trans am mandolin riff
A firebird, registered socialist
But she'll still out drink you on a Tennessee Saturday night from an old fruit jar
Yeah, these rednecks and unread hicks organizing in the trailer park

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