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Alabama lyrics

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Alabama Lyrics

Alabama Chords

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Album Lyrics: Southern Drawl [2015]

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"Southern Drawl" [2015]

  1. Southern Drawl
  2. Wasn't Through Loving You Just Yet
  3. This Ain't Just A Song
  4. As Long As There's Love
  5. Back To The Country
  6. Hillbilly Wins The Lotto Money
  7. Come Find Me
  8. One On One

Album Lyrics: Songs of Inspiration II [2007]

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"Songs of Inspiration II" [2007]

  1. I Am A Pilgrim
  2. Church In The Wildwood
  3. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  4. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
  5. Suppertime
  6. Down By The Riverside
  7. Precious Memories
  8. Lonesome Valley
  9. The Refrain Of John Dillon James
  10. Love Lifted Me
  11. When It Comes My Time
  12. One Life
  13. The Star Spangled Banner

Album Lyrics: Songs of Inspiration [2006]

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"Songs of Inspiration" [2006]

  1. His Eye Is on the Sparrow
  2. In the Garden
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. I Need Thee
  6. Old Shep
  7. Jesus Loves Me
  8. Silent Night
  9. I Am the Man Thomas
  10. Rock of Ages
  11. In the Sweet By and By
  12. Old Rugged Cross
  13. What Will I Leave Behind
  14. One Big Heaven
  15. Rain

Album Lyrics: In The Mood: The Love Songs [2003]

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"In The Mood: The Love Songs" [2003]

  1. I'm In The Mood
  2. The Living Years
  3. When We Make Love
  4. Touch Me When We're Dancing
  5. Feels So Right
  6. How Do You Fall In Love
  7. Fallin' Again
  8. Lady Down On Love
  9. The Closer You Get
  10. If I Had You
  11. We Can't Love Like This Anymore
  12. Then Again
  13. Here We Are
  14. Face To Face
  15. Take Me Down
  16. In Pictures
  17. Close Enough To Perfect
  18. Forever's As Far As I'll Go
  19. Love In The First Degree
  20. There's No Way
  21. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
  22. Nothing Comes Closer
  23. Once Upon A Lifetime

Album Lyrics: When It All Goes South [2001]

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"When It All Goes South" [2001]

  1. When It All Goes South
  2. The Woman He Loves
  3. Clear Across America Tonight
  4. Will You Marry Me (Alabama with Jann Arden)
  5. I Can't Hide My Heart
  6. I Can't Love You Any Less
  7. Reinvent The Wheel
  8. I Write A Little
  9. Down This Road
  10. Love Remains (guest vocals by Christopher Cross)
  11. Start Living
  12. Simple As That
  13. You Only Paint The Picture Once
  14. Wonderful Waste Of Time
  15. Right Where I Am

Album Lyrics: American Pride [2000]

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"American Pride" [2000]

  1. Take A Little Trip
  2. I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)
  3. Once Upon A Lifetime
  4. Hometown Honeymoon
  5. Between The Two Of Them
  6. American Pride
  7. Sometimes Out Of Touch
  8. Pictures And Memories
  9. Richard Petty Fans

Album Lyrics: Alabama Christmas Vol. 2 [2000]

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"Alabama Christmas Vol. 2" [2000]

  1. The Blessings
  2. Christmas In Your Arms
  3. Christmas Is Love
  4. When It Comes To Christmas
  5. I Was Young Once Too
  6. The Night Before Christmas
  7. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  8. Happy Birthday Jesus
  9. The Christmas Spirit
  10. Hangin' 'Round the Mistletoe
  11. Little Drummer Boy
  12. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
  13. New Year's Eve 1999

Album Lyrics: The Closer You Get [2000]

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"The Closer You Get" [2000]

  1. The Closer You Get
  2. Lady Down on Love
  3. She Put the Sad in All His Songs
  4. Red River
  5. What in the Name of Love
  6. Dixieland Delight
  7. Very Special Love
  8. Dixie Boy
  9. Alabama Sky
  10. Lovin' Man

Album Lyrics: Alabama Live [2000]

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"Alabama Live" [2000]

  1. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  2. Tennessee River
  3. Take Me Down
  4. Love In The First Degree
  5. Red River
  6. Dixieland Delight
  7. Lady Down on Love
  8. If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)
  9. Fire Works
  10. There's No Way
  11. When We Make Love
  12. Gonna Have a Party
  13. Can't You See
  14. My Home's In Alabama

Album Lyrics: Twentieth Century [1999]

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"Twentieth Century" [1999]

  1. Twentieth Century
  2. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Alabama wtih Nsync)
  3. I'm In That Kind Of Mood
  4. We Made Love
  5. Life's Too Short To Love This Fast
  6. Then We Remember
  7. Little Things
  8. Mist Of Desire
  9. Small Stuff
  10. Too Much Love
  11. Write It Down In Blue
  12. I Love You Enough To Let You Go

Album Lyrics: Just Us [1998]

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"Just Us" [1998]

  1. Face To Face
  2. Old Man
  3. Fallin' Again

Album Lyrics: Pass It On Down [1998]

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"Pass It On Down" [1998]

  1. Pass It On Down
  2. Here We Are
  3. Down Home
  4. Forever's As Far As I'll Go
  5. Jukebox In My Mind
  6. Moonlight Lounge
  7. Goodbye (Kelly's Song)
  8. Fire On Fire
  9. Until It Happens To You
  10. Gulf Of Mexico
  11. Starting Tonight
  12. I Ain't Got No Business Doing Business Today

Album Lyrics: The Touch [1998]

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"The Touch" [1998]

  1. You've Got The Touch
  2. Touch Me When We're Dancin

Album Lyrics: My Home's In Alabama [1998]

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"My Home's In Alabama" [1998]

  1. My Home's In Alabama
  2. Hanging Up My Travelin' Shoes
  3. Why Lady Why
  4. Getting Over You
  5. I Wanna Come Over
  6. Tennessee River
  7. Some Other Place, Some Other Time
  8. Can't Froget About You
  9. Get It While It's Hot
  10. Keep on Dreamin'

Album Lyrics: For the Record: 41 Number One Hits [1998]

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"For the Record: 41 Number One Hits" [1998]

  1. Born Country
  2. Five O'Clock 500
  3. Keepin' Up
  4. Touch Me When We're Dancing

Album Lyrics: Dancin' On The Boulevard [1997]

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"Dancin' On The Boulevard" [1997]

  1. Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard
  2. Sad Lookin' Moon
  3. Anytime (I'm Your Man)
  4. She's Got that Look in Her Eyes
  5. My Girl
  6. Of Course I'm Alright
  7. I Just Couldn't Say No
  8. Is the Magic Still There
  9. Calling All Angels
  10. Hey Baby
  11. One More Time Around

Album Lyrics: Born Country [1997]

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"Born Country" [1997]

  1. Born Country

Album Lyrics: In Pictures [1995]

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"In Pictures" [1995]

  1. She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl
  2. In Pictures
  3. It Works
  4. The Maker Said Take Her
  5. My Love Belongs To You

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits Vol. 3 [1994]

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"Greatest Hits Vol. 3" [1994]

  1. Give Me One More Shot
  2. We Can't Love Like This Anymore

Album Lyrics: Cheap Seats [1993]

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"Cheap Seats" [1993]

  1. Reckless
  2. Angels Among Us
  3. Cheap Seats
  4. T.L.C. A.S.A.P.
  5. Still Goin' Strong
  6. Katy Brought My Guitar Back to Today
  7. On This Side of the Moon
  8. That Feeling
  9. This Love's on Me
  10. Clear Water Blues
  11. A Better World For Love

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 [1991]

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"Greatest Hits Vol. 2" [1991]

  1. Hats Off
  2. Born Country
  3. Then Again
  4. Dixieland Delight
  5. Lady Down on Love
  6. The Closer You Get
  7. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)
  8. Fallin' Again
  9. Song of the South
  10. High Cotton
  11. Take Me Down

Album Lyrics: Southern Star [1990]

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"Southern Star" [1990]

  1. High Cotton
  2. If I Had You
  3. Song of the South
  4. Ole' Baugh Road
  5. Southern Star

Album Lyrics: Forty Hour Week [1990]

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"Forty Hour Week" [1990]

  1. Forty Hour Week
  2. There's No Way
  3. Pony Express
  4. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  5. Down On Longboat Key
  6. Want To Know You Before We Make Love
  7. As Right Now
  8. Louisiana Moon
  9. I Want to Know You Before We Make Love
  10. Fireworks
  11. If It Ain't Dixie (It Won't Do)

Album Lyrics: Roll On [1990]

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"Roll On" [1990]

  1. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)
  2. Carolina Mountain Dewe
  3. The End Of The Lyin'
  4. I'm Not That Way Anymore
  5. If You're Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band)
  6. There's A Fire In The Night
  7. When We Make Love
  8. Country Side Of Life
  9. The Boy
  10. Food On The Table

Album Lyrics: Mountain Music [1990]

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"Mountain Music" [1990]

  1. Mountain Music
  2. Close Enough To Perfect For Me
  3. Words at Twenty Paces
  4. Changes Comin' On
  5. Green River
  6. Take Me Down
  7. You Turn Me On
  8. Never Be One
  9. Lovin' You is Killin' Me
  10. Gonna Have a Party

Album Lyrics: Feels So Right [1990]

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"Feels So Right" [1990]

  1. Feels So Right
  2. Love In The First Degree
  3. Burn, Georgia, Burn
  4. Ride the Train
  5. Fantasy
  6. Hollywood
  7. Old Flame
  8. Woman Back Home
  9. See the Embers, Feel the Flame
  10. I'm Stoned

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1986]

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"Greatest Hits" [1986]

  1. She And I

Album Lyrics: Alabama Christmas [1985]

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"Alabama Christmas" [1985]

  1. Santa Claus (I Still Believe In You)
  2. Joesph and Mary's Boy
  3. Happy Holidays
  4. Christmas Memories
  5. Tonight Is Christmas
  6. Tennessee Christmas
  7. A Candle in The Window
  8. Homecoming Christmas
  9. Christmas In Dixie
  10. Thistlehair the Christmas Bear

Album Lyrics: Other Songs []

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"Other Songs" []

  1. Deep River Woman (Alabama w/Lionel Richie)
  2. I Wanna Come Over

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