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Eighteen Inches lyrics - Lauren Alaina

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It's about 1500 miles to California
They'll get there Friday, if they leave tonight
She sneaks out at 3:30 in the morning
Leaves a note so she won't see her daddy cry

He cuts the engine when he coasts in the driveway
She slides in and gives him one kiss for the road
No friends and no family, no job out there waiting
The whole town will call 'em crazy
But they gotta go


'Cause when you're young and in love, yeah
You might do some things
That don't seem all that smart
'Cause there ain't no greater distance than the
eighteen inches from your head to your heart

They can barely make a rent
On a rundown apartment
She's waiting tables and he's a valet
They're behind on the bills
And the car's barely running
But he buys a ring with the tips that he saved

Repeat Chorus

Last thing they need
Is another mouth to feed
But they want one
They're just kids themselves but that's gonna change in 9 more months

She wakes him up at 3:30 in the morning
Ready or not their new life's gonna start
Seven pounds and eighteen inches
The doctor lays that new baby's head
Right on her heart

When you're young and in love, yeah
You might do some things
That don't seem all that smart
But thank God for those eighteen inches
The distance it is from your head to your heart
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Thanks to Mike for lyrics]

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