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Underlands lyrics - Bird Andrew

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Oh I can't get over this moon
And all creatures under the sun
Moving through their days in a state of oblivion

Stars don't owe you anything
Don't give a damn about your nations
Feel the slightest obligation

I mean, listen
What if the world goes spinning off its axis?
And what if the moon begins to wane before it waxes?

Wrapped in darkness, you take my hand
Through all the chambers of the underland
Like this penny on the railroad track
If you go too far, you know you can't go back

Oh, I've never been here before
Deep inside earth's molten core
No need for clothes or for eyes to see

So find yourself a pair of ears
Gonna be down here for many years
Just listen out for that subterranean river of tears

Well, not exactly hell
More like a nocturnal paradise
Not exactly heaven either
I'd say 'bout half as nice

We're at the end now, you've run aground
And all the sound waves have gone underground
There's a threshold between the here and hereafter
To cross a river, you know you gotta take a raft there

Stars don't owe you anything
Don't give a damn about your nation
Or feel the slightest obligation

Oh, I can't get over this moon now
Oh, I can't get over this moon
Ooh, ooh

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