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Circus Girl lyrics - Sherrie Austin

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Boy have you heard the news
They're coming in
From miles around
Yeah the big show
The big top
Is back in town
And all of the kids
Have stars in their eyes
Stars in their eyes

You and that old guitar
You're a round peg
In this little town square
I've been doing cartwheels
For so long
And getting nowhere
And this ticket in
Could be our ticket out
Our ticket out

When the crowds gone home
And we're all alone
You holding my cotton candy hand
And the tent comes down
And the freaks leave town
There'll be two more clowns in that Caravan
'Cause there's no place
In an ordinary world
For a lost boy
And a circus girl

Hey would you look at her
On a trapeze
Up so high
Bet nobody ever told
The trapeze lady
She can't fly
And she's not afraid
She never looks down
Never looks down

(Repeat Chorus)

Looks like everybody's had
Enough magic for one day
But the magic doesn't have to fade away
Fade away

(Repeat Chorus)

For a lost boy
And a circus girl
Circus girl

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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Austin Sherrie Chords
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