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Get Your Leavin' Done lyrics - Sherrie Austin

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You'll find the door wide open
I'm all done hoping that you'll change
Your mind
And I ain't gonna chase you
I'm too damn tired
And way too far behind

So go on
Get your leavin' done
Get your going gone
Don't worry 'bout me
I'll be here undoing all you've done
The road is waiting for you
So put your old boots on
And get your leavin' done

So go and get your coat now
And when you go, don't look back
This time
Take your suitcase full of guilty
'Cause it's your baggage
To carry now
Not mine

(Repeat Chorus)

You've done all your goodbying
On this side of the door
Now freedom's just a few small steps
Across that floor

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby get your leavin' done
Get your leavin' done

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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Austin Sherrie Chords
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