Naughty Or Nice Lyrics - Sherrie Austin

Sherrie Austin Chords

Hey there little darling
It's cold and we've got no place to go
I can be your Santa
Come stand under the mistletoe
I got a feeling it won't take too long
For me to find out what list you're on

Is it naughty or nice
Oh you better check it twice
Says you been bad, bad, bad
But you do it oh so good
I just might
You just might
Need a little hugging and kissing
To help me make up my mind
But I got to say
I love you either way
Naughty or nice

Hey there sweet baby
Come a little closer to me
Let's get tangled up in tinsel
Underneath the Christmas tree
Well there might be a few things I missed
I better take another look at my list

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Oh I gotta say
I love you either way
Naughty or nice

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]