Tryin' To Be Me Lyrics - Sherrie Austin

Sherrie Austin Chords

Back seat of a Nova
Footprints on the window
Sippin' on Boonsfarm
Wonderin' how far to go
30 minutes later
Not quite so naive
First scar in the battle
Of tryin' to be me

Well I took a lot of wrong turns
I ran into some dead ends
I let some good people down
I found out who were my real friends
I don't know why it took so long
To learn to love me for who I am
I tried to be everybody else
But the hardest thing in the world it seems
Is tryin' to be me

Plates breaking in the kitchen
Back to sleeping on the couch
Seven years in the trenches
Ain't no easy way out
Forever wasn't quite as long
As I thought it would be
Another scar in the battle
Of tryin' to be me

(Repeat Chorus)

You can love what you have
'Til you've lost what you got
You can know who you are
Do you know who you're not?

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh I'm just tryin' to be me

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]