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Tell Me You Get Lonely lyrics - Frankie Ballard

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I bet you're kickin yourself for lettin me walk away
Makin yourself a list of things you wish you didn't say
Sitting by the phone hoping it's gonna ring

Tell me you get lonely when it's cold outside
Tell me that you're only barely gettin by
I need to know it hurts every time that you my name
It ain't the same without me, girl
Tell me you get lonely

Sometimes you're up all night cryin over me
You've gotta take off of work to catch up your sleep
But that just don't work, now does it, baby

(repeat chorus)

Tell me you get lonely, and I'll come back
All you've gotta do is call me , my bag's been packed
I'm dyin of pride, but I want you to know

That I get lonely when it's cold outside
Baby, I'm only barely gettin by
And it still hurts every time that I hear your name
It ain't the same without you, girl

Baby, I get lonely, yeah, I get lonely
Tell me you get lonely too
Tell me you get lonely

[Thanks to Kristina, Samie for lyrics]

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