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John Came Home Lyrics by Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Benjamin Dakota Rogers Lyrics

John came home from war this morning
He found his wife, she wasn't there
And a cold cold feeling crept through his bones
When he found a note at the bottom of the stairs
Said, "I'm in love with your brother, oh I've found a preacher
And I'm in love and I'm heading for the South
Boy you were fine, but I've changed my mind
I'm boarding the next train out of town"

John flew into a rage like thunder
He brought his fist down and he cracked the floor
He thought he broke bone
The way he screamed and he roared
And he headed right back out the door
Said, "I'm going to find my brother
God damn this preacher, I'm going to put him underneath a stone
So when the oak trees are so tall the mountains feel small
They'll remember the wrath of my storm"
John crashed in with his pistol crying
In the morning just before the dawn
He took out his knife
And he carved out the light
Of a future in the eyes of the Lord
Strung him up high
Silhouetted in the sky
Let the ravens pick him to the bone
When the law man came by
He turned down his eyes
Not to gaze upon the brother of John

The station platform was empty and quiet
As she waited for a man who'd never show
When the noon day sun was high and cracking the ground
She felt a lump rise in her throat
John swept from behind
Put a gun on her side
Said, "Baby you were why I came home
I won't take your life
But I want to look into your eyes
When you see I killed the man that you love"

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