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What Is It About You lyrics - Bering Strait

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My lips and my mouth are as dry as the dust, My heart thunders in my head

So loud that it drowns out the sounds of our voices, And I can't heard a word being said;
Dazed and confused, like I'm in an illusion, Livin' outside of time
Like my arms and my hands and the skin on my fingers Are somebody else's not mine.

CHO: What is it about you? I can't control the hunger;
What is it about you? And the spell you've got me under.
As desire washes over me like water, oh I wonder
What is it about you? What is it about you?

There's no explanation, I'm helpless when I Just imagine you touching me
And when I fantasize I see me in your eyes, And I swear it's reality;
All I've go to do is think about you, And the blood rushes through my veins
You're my only addiction - the need to be with you Is driving me insane.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, I don't know if it's love, Or if it's obsession
But it's something - It's something

(Repeat Chorus)

What is it about you?
My lips and my mouth are as dry as the dust, My heart thunders in my head.

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