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Three in the Mornin' lyrics - The Black Lillies

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Bonnie said, “Son, it’s time to go home.
It’s three in the mornin’ and I’m closin’ the doors
You seem like a good man and I’m sorry you’re low,
But it’s three in the mornin’, and time to go home”.

Thank you dear Bonnie for treatin’ me so kind
It’s been a good night everybody’s feelin’ fine
I walked out the door and I breathed the cold night air
It’s three in the mornin’ and nobody cares.


One more mile and I’ll be home
I’ll hang my hat and I’ll rest these weary bones
Goodbye sorrows, I’m leavin’ you this morn
It’s three in the mornin’ and I’m goin’ home.

Verse 3

Well the thoughts that cross a mind, they ain’t hardly fair
Sorrows and heartaches bound to take their share
Hold on just a while, there’s a sweet release
It’s three in the mornin’ and I’m beggin’ please


Verse 4

Well the road was windin’ and the trees were flyin’ past
Tears were fallin’ as I felt the crash
Goodbye mean ol’ world, this will be my last
It’s three in the mornin’ and I’m fadin’ fast



It’s three in the mornin’ and I’m goin’ home

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