Impossible To Do Lyrics - Adam Brand

Adam Brand Chords

I'm gonna raise the Titanic
Sail across the Atlantic
And this time it ain't gonna sink
I'm gonna sit here in this chair
With this beer and declare
It's the last one I'll ever drink
Buy a pair of dinosaur skin boots
Take a walk across the moon
Yeah that's what I'm gonna do
I can do that with no sweat
You can bet it's a sure bet
I'm telling the Gods honest truth
But I can't undo what I did
Or un-say what I said
Or un-break what I broke in you
'Cause there's just a few things impossible to do

I'm gonna do some soul searching
Put my mind to working
On fixing the hurting I've done
Drop down into first gear
Jump clean into next year
By then you'll be back or still gone
Ride in on a rainbow
Land out side your window
That's what I'm gonna do