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What Is Life? - A Perspective lyrics - Kissel Brett

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What is life?
I mean, it's a question I've been asking a lot lately with an answer I guess I've been searching for my whole life
I wonder where it goes from here
Where's our world headed?
Do you gotta be old and wise to know the answer?
Do you have to be young and still innocent to know the answer?
I mean, am I maybe digging too deep?
Is the question perhaps to vast that the answer is never gonna come?
Or have I known the answer all along?
What is life?
This year, I've looked deeper into the eyes of my kids and my wife
To me, they are what life is
And obviously, that's enough
But wait, like, there's still more too
I feel life from those who cross my path
I feel life in my history and my heritage
Is that life?
Across the landscape of my homeland and beyond the deep blue sky
I wonder what will become of this life
What's gonna become of our own backyard if we lose our why?
What makes this life worth protecting?
What makes this world worth protecting?
Our food, our family, our way of life, is that life?
I kept thinking, what brings tears to your eyes and joy to your heart?
What brings angst to your backbone?
What brings fire to your belly?
I'm tryin' to figure it out too
What is life?
You know, I wonder how beautiful this world could be if kindness was contagious
If we listened a little longer, if we laughed a little more
If we took a trip back home, or
If we had the courage to make the leap outside our comfort zone
What would life be like if we took one more stand
If we spoke, if we defended what is true
And that's just me, but what is life to you?

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