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Loser On the Ropes Lyrics by Dunne Brian

Dunne Brian Lyrics

Well, look who showed up tonight in bells
If it isn't Lucifer and his pals from Hell, but it's true
I'm not scared of you
There's a riot on the west side, dear
There's a cry that you can hear from here
And on the news
Says I'm not scared of you

And much later in the evening
I was looking for the clock
'Cause your friends from back in college
They just talk and talk and talk and talk
And never f**king stop
And their husbands are all cops
But you can tell those kids to screw
Say I'm not scared of you
Got in trouble, so I took a loan
And now the bank won't ever leave me alone
They say they're coming in
But I'm not scared of them

So if you're feeling shaky
Might I suggest you sitting out
I've got some bad news, baby
And I'm feeling kinda down and down and down
And down we go
Like a loser on the ropes
'Cause this world will drive you crazy
But where else can you go?

Now, there's a fire in the countryside
There's a song stuck in my tooth
You know it's true
And nothing sings quite like the truth
And if someday I've had enough to say
Then I'll just grab my things and walk away
But 'til then, I'll stand accused
And I'm not scared of you

'Cause of the two things I have learned in life
While staring at my shoes
You either learn to love the cosmic lie
Or you learn to love the blues
I've chosen up my side
Now it's your turn to choose
You just look 'em in the eye
Say I'm not scared of you
Well, I'm not scared of you

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