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Thinking of a Place lyrics - Dunne Brian

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[Verse 1]
At eleven in the morning
The alarm clock is alarming
I get up to meet the day
I'm thinking of a place
At eleven in the evening
Tell myself that I'll be reading
But my mind's in outer space
'Cause I'm thinking of a place

I'm thinking of a place, yeah
Some kind of meditative state
Something I can hang my hat on
I've just been fighting for so long
Out on the edges of my mind
I see a different kind of kind
It takes some focus, takes some time
[Verse 2]
Well, all I ever wanna do
Is feel a little bit like you
But all I ever am is me
I don't know who that's supposed to be
'Cause I was thinking of a man
But that's not really what I am
Sometimes I feel so sad and small
I don't know what that is at all

So I'm thinking of a place, yeah
Where I can disassociate
Some peace of mind and some escape
Where I can disappear for days and days
Out on the edges of the margins
Where love is cheap and faith's a bargain
I'm thinking of a place

A little while after midnight
I'm sitting at a stoplight
When it changes, I don't care
I'm not going anywhere

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