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Can't Trust The Weatherman lyrics - Cadillac Sky

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Her daddy hated his tattoos
but she was in love with a baby due
In September, early September.

So they called the kinfolk, set up the bar
Threw some chairs out in the yard
And got a preacher, a pentecostal preacher

And the man on the evening news
Promised sunny and 72 but

You can't trust the weater man
Makes his livin' off a lucky chanse
Whole crowd was soaken wet
Mud all over momma's dress

No sign of the sun
But a sure fire sign of things to come
One thing you can plan
Is You can't trust the weater man

Six months after the knot got tied
There were diapers and a double wide
They couldn't pay for one day they had a brainstorm

She'd pull the gun he'd crack the safe
They pulled it off and they pulled away
They were laughin' 'til they saw lights flashin'

Forecast on the radio
Never even mentioned snow but

You can't trust the weatherman
Makes his livin' off a lucky chanse
Cop car hit a path of ice
Hit a rail flipped on its side

That couple got away
Cops only had one thing to blame
Shook off the snow, threw up their hands
Said, you can't trust the weather man

They hid their cash under the bed
Of that condo in Club Med
Where the chance of sunshine is
One hundred percent but

You can't trust the weatherman
Makes his livin' off a lucky chance
Hurricane came rippin' trough
Tore that condo right in two

Stuff scattered everywhere
Stolen money flyin' trough the air
And if you wonder how the story ends
They're back out in the sticks again
So remember when you're makin' plans
You can't trust the weatherman

You can't trust the weatherman
No, You can't, can't trust the weatherman

[Thanks to Mrezar for lyrics]

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