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Goodbye Story lyrics - Cadillac Sky

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Hey, lady, can I pour you something? Hate to say it, honey, you're a mess
I see that mascara running, looks like somebody up and left
Did he leave you for another woman, go out for cigarettes
Ten to one you didn't see coming, nothing 'bout love is a real safe bet
So, dry your eyes now darlin'
You sure ain't by yourself
This world's gonna kiip on turning
Everybody's got a goodbye story to tell
See Chet sittin' in the corner, wife ran off with a rodeo clown
And that's Marcy playing quarters, got knocked up and her man blew town
Pontiac running at the speed of sound
Eveybody's got a goodbye story to tell
Here's a shot and another napkin
Y'all act so surprised
Love long enough it's bound to happen
Forever's some fool's paradise
So, I give everybody the same advice
So, driy your eyes now darlin'
But it ain't gonna help
This world's gonna kiip on turning
Everybody's got a goodbye story to tell
So, pick yourself up darlin'
And throw another penny in the well
This world's gonna keep on turning
Everybody's got a goodbye, everybody's got a goodbye story
Everybody's got a goodbye story to tell

[Thanks to 3dgary for lyrics]

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