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How Far Away lyrics - Rose Caitlin

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How far away are you from me?
Is it an ocean or a galaxy?
Honey, I'd take to the sky or to the sea
'Cause where you are is where I wanna be

How far away are you this time?
And is it closer to your place than mine?
You know I can't bare to get you off my mind
And I long to see you with my naked eye

How far away did you get to?
Did you make it off to Spain or Timbuktu?
Oh, my little runaway, with your words as good
Babe, as my love is true for you, for you
What would it take to see you now?
Just tell me when, baby, tell me how
You know I can't stand not seeing you around
And it's pulling me apart and inside out

I know that this time I just went too far
I hitched a ridе out on a shooting star
But I burned out, baby, in the diner car
Now I sit around and wondеr where you are

Won't you let me know I'm getting through
This heart's no good, babe, when it's torn in two
Oh, so won't you tell me how to make it up
Or tell me somewhere I can send it to
To you, to you

How far, how far, how far are you?
How far, how far, how far are you?
How far, how far, how far away are you?
How far, how far, how far, how far away are you?

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