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Million Lights lyrics - Carter's Chord

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Million Lights
Words and Music By: Becky Robertson

Hey Baby do you know what you do to me?
Did you know I havenit slept in two damn days?
Itis 3:00am and I just ate a lot more icecream
And Iim watching rerun shows that I loved when I was eight
Hey baby ever since you sat next to me
You got me thinking that I could take on the whole world
And youire the kind of boy Iid love to pull close to me
Youire the kind of boy that could open up this girl

Did you know there are a million lights in Nashville?
And if you want to we could watch them all go out
Iim just wonderin if you feel the way that I feel
Or are you someone that I should just forget about?

Hey baby do you feel your ears are ringin?
Cause I just canit seem to speak your name enough
All my friends think that you really must be something
Cause though Iive tried so hard, I just canit shut up

Repeat Chorus

Hey baby did you know that I canit shake you?
And did you know Iive got a whole plan figured out
What would you say if you and I just run away
And spend the rest of our lives just sortin this stuff out

Repeat Chorus

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