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Brandy Clark lyrics

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Brandy Clark Lyrics

Brandy Clark Chords

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Album Lyrics: Brandy Clark [2023]

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Clark Brandy
"Brandy Clark" [2023]

  1. Ain't Enough Rocks
  2. Buried
  3. Tell Her You Don't Love Her
  4. Dear Insecurity
  5. Come Back To Me
  6. Northwest
  7. She Smoked In The House
  8. Up Above The Clouds (Cecilia's Song)
  9. All Over Again
  10. Best Ones
  11. Take Mine

Album Lyrics: Your Life Is A Record [2020]

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Clark Brandy
"Your Life Is A Record" [2020]

  1. I'll Be The Sad Song
  2. Long Walk
  3. Love Is A Fire
  4. Pawn Shop
  5. Who You Thought I Was
  6. Apologies
  7. Bigger Boat
  8. Bad Car
  9. Who Broke Whose Heart
  10. Can We Be Strangers
  11. The Past Is The Past

Album Lyrics: Big Day In A Small Town [2016]

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Clark Brandy
"Big Day In A Small Town" [2016]

  1. Soap Opera
  2. Girl Next Door
  3. Homecoming Queen
  4. Broke
  5. You Can Come Over
  6. Love Can Go To Hell
  7. Big Day In A Small Town
  8. Three Kids No Husband
  9. Daughter
  10. Drinkin', Smokin', Cheatin
  11. Since You've Gone To Heaven

Album Lyrics: 12 Stories [2013]

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Clark Brandy
"12 Stories" [2013]

  1. Pray to Jesus
  2. Crazy Women
  3. What'll Keep Me Out of Heaven
  4. Get High
  5. Hold My Hand
  6. Stripes
  7. In Some Corner
  8. Take a Little Pill
  9. Hungover
  10. Illegitimate Children
  11. The Day She Got Divorced
  12. Just Like Him

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