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Candy lyrics - Cletis Carr

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Candy & I used to run around, tearing up this one horse town
Everyone looked down their nose, the so-called respectable folk
Too much was never enough for Candy, skulling pills & popping brandy
Snorting everything in sight, shooting up anything that looked white—Candy

At the old park by the riverside, we'd dance & play all thru the nite
She'd lift her head & laugh out loud, man that girl was awfully proud
Then late in May she gave me the flick, called me a worthless son-of-a-bitch
She talked funny & acted strange, everyone could feel the change—In Candy

I'd take you back, we'd settle down, all your friends could still come around
Time's short, please say yes, don't tell me about your self-respect—Candy

Candy lost her girlish gait, her eyes grew dark & she was losing weight
Her hair had thinned & turned to straw, took both hands to hold up her jaw
We called the doc, he did some tests, we got the news, it weren't the best
Candy just said c'est la vie, it was all the French she learned from me—Candy

She carried on like she was made of steel, acted like she couldn't feel
Greeted each new day with a smile, the doctor said she's just in denial
I got a van at the trailer park, for Candy & me & me broken heart
Every day I'd sit by her side, every nite she'd hear me cry—For Candy

I'll take you back, we'll settle down, all your friends will still come around
Time's short, baby please say yes, don't talk to me about self-respect—Candy

Candy died late last May, it was hard watching her waste away
But the pride in that woman was strong, she fought so hard just to hold on
Now I sit alone in that riverside park, where we used to dance & play in the dark
Thinking that we'd live forever, Candy taught me to never say never—Candy

[Thanks to Pelican Records Australia for lyrics]

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