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Check Me Out lyrics - Cody Canada & The Departed

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Bought these shoes for my feet,
When my blues got to me,
Made me strutt a little bit cooler
whe I went out on Friday night,
Then I got a brand new hat,
Match my shoes and my belt was black,
And worn-out pair of jeans that fit damn near just about right,
But I'm still the same inside,
empty chest but full of pride,
Doing fine if you'd care to know...
Still full of hopes and dreams,
You come running back to me,
Come check me out my brand-new clothes

Got a used Coupe Deville,
When I wore holes in my brand-new heals,
Walking around that same old piece of rotten wood floor.
It's not good on gas at all,
Lighters broke it always stalls,
When she hits passing gear you better hang on to your doors
The tape deck it works just fine,
No fast forward but slow rewind,
The speakers blown on the driver side,
I hope that I turn your head,
Primer gray candy apple red,
Come check me out in my brand-new ride.

Got myself a brand-new pad,
When I got sick of the one I had,
I guess living down below kind of gets to a man,
Everything I've got his new my used-car my hat my shoes,
Just got to get on while you can,
I'm guessing? you don't get to me,
Because I can't eat and I can't sleep,
On that egg crate on the floor,
Hope that I'm on your mind,
Finally caught up with mine,
And you don't get to me anymore,
I feel like a brand-new man,
I found Jesus and a new girlfriend,
Come check me out my brand-new soul

[Thanks to Vince for lyrics]

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