Don't Lock 'em Away / Song for Molly - Kevin Costner Lyrics

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Don't Lock 'em Away / Song for Molly

Girl I’ve seen you drift away to another place and time
In those dreams you leave this old world behind
Yeah, I know how hard you’ve been trying
In a world that you just ain’t buying

All of your dreams, so far away now
Drifting off with the rest of your
Yesterdays some how

Yeah, I know it’s hard to keep on fighting
I know ‘cause I’m a guy who gave up trying

Oh, no just put ‘em in your pocket
Don’t lock ‘em away
I know you think your heart can’t take it
But there will come a new day

Never mind these old streets these dusty avenues
Never mind the things they might say about you
They can talk but they can never ever hurt you
They can never take your dreams away from you

Someday you will be far from here
And all your troubles will have disappeared
When you go girl don’t worry about me
Yeah it’s time to set yourself free

[Thanks to Mark for lyrics]