Five Minutes From America - Kevin Costner Lyrics

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Five Minutes From America

I got two little kids in a broke down car
On the side of the road in view of the Texaco star
I spent all on my money on water and food
Got Willie on the radio singing those country blues

Well I had a good job down in New Orleans
Once I was a citizen, now i’m a refugee
I can’t go back, can’t move ahead
Tried to make a call but I can’t ‘cause
My goddamned cellphone’s dead

I’m just five minutes from America
I see it very clear
I’m just five minutes from America
But you can’t get there from here

I kept up with the Jones’ wherever they are
I had some real nice neighbors had me a big back yard
Now I’m watching the world pass me by
Like I’m an immigrant on the move
Saw the roof of my house on the TV sitting in my motel room

Back down the road a policeman smiled then he offered his hand
He said welcome stranger but you really can’t stay here man
On up ahead there’s some opportunities
You can find ‘em everywhere
Maybe go to Houston, there’s a lot of you there

Willie sang blues eyes crying in the rain
Out in Luchenbach Texas, they ain’t feeling no pain
But in the back of my head, the waves still pound
When the levee broke the music stopped
And the world was watching as hell came down