Hey Man What About You - Kevin Costner Lyrics

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Hey Man What About You

I can remember the places I stayed
Things that I did and the ways I behaved
The women I loved, the words that I said
Like dream passing through
The causes I had and the corners I turned
The friends that I left and the bridges I burned
They were part of a place — a rhythm of life
That will no longer do

Hey man what about you
Something has happened to me
Has it happened to you
To my own heart I have tried to be true
Hey man what about you

Winding my way through the turns and the bends
I have been waiting for life to begin
For something to do something to hold
That was bigger than I
Whatever I did it was never enough
Wherever I stood I was still out of touch
Like a man in the dark
Following sparks through an ebony sky

Like it or not I have come to this place
With the past in my heart and the wind in my face
And a son who was born on the eve of a war of reckless design
With my knees on the earth and my ear to the ground
What I thought was the truth was only a sound
Of a shot in the wind the beginning my friend
Of these desperate times