Leland Iowa - Kevin Costner Lyrics

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Leland Iowa

Take a walk down main street
Have a look around
Now look in all the windows
The empty buildings in this town
Imagine all the people
Who came and had to go
Look for something better
In the dream on down the road

You can’t spend a dime in Leland Iowa
‘cause every store in town’s run out of luck
But you can spend a lot of time in Leland Iowa
Living on a farm, working on your pickup truck

There used to be a diner
Where everyone would go
And that building on the corner
Used to be a picture show
You should’ve seen it in the summer
Around the 4th of July
When fireworks and carnivals
Were lightin’ up the sky

I know people who have lived here
Through a couple world wars
And their fathers like their fathers
Were raising kids and growing corn
And like their friends around them
It’s the only life they know
Through the good times and the bad times
They will stay here even though…

[Thanks to Mark for lyrics]