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Epilogue: White Man In Decline Lyrics by Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies Lyrics

White man in decline
With his thorny crown of empties
Wrapped ‘round his troubled mind
Sucking on his radio
Pacified by brainless rhetoric in patriotic code
With his mircrowavable last supper
And twelve of his friends
He lifts his wife up over his head before the Super Bowl begins
“Her body broken for you,
She’ll beat black, she’ll beat blue,
Let’s hope our Cowboys come through…”
World won’t change if he don’t look
He’s got his hand over his heart
And his head stuck up his hole
What does it profit a man
To gain the whole trailer park and lose his very soul?
Humming, “You Ain’t Whistling Dixie,” a distant look in his eye
The little pointed hood in the closet can’t hide the cowardice inside
Now it’s eating him alive
No last rights for naughty boys
Gather round the easy chair
See the white man in decline
Throwing tantrums on the floor
Of the Senate and the House
Holding his breath until he’s blue
“Children of our mighty country, the poor have stolen your futures
Were gonna steal them back for you.
Come gather ‘round the banquet table, see how God is on our side…”
But when they carved up the turkey they found
Only stuffing inside
Pledge allegiance to his flag
Wrap it in a body bag…
See the white man in decline

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