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Beast On The Mic lyrics - Cowboy Troy

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(With James Otto)

I a beast on the mic, can get no satisfaction!
Step aside cause it time for some action
I a hick rhyme sayer with a kung fu grip
I get the job done tead of talkin' 'bout it!

Early in the mornin I up and I at m
Hopin one day my album goes platinum
Rockin that mic so viciously, deliciously, not maliciously
When atmospheric pressure and vapor pressure converge
There a party surge, so I must emerge
Get the people hyped and keep going nonstop
Knock the party off the meter when the bassline drops!

(Repeat Chorus)

Japanese Tag:
Ichi-nichi-ju, Ichi-nichi-ju, Kuroi Amerikajin yoru

The last of the Brohicans is speakin
The one that you turn to each and every weekend
Risin peakin while the bump is beatin
Don turn back, no retreatin
You can see my vision, you can feel my force
Time to hit the trail boy, the mic is my horse
I tantalize and tickle your tympanic with my English
Smile as you listen to the ruckus as I bring this

(Repeat Chorus)

Japanese Tag:

Ichi-nichi-ju, Ichi-nichi-ju, Kuroi Amerikajin yoru
(All day long, all day long, Cowboy Troy bringin you this song)

(Repeat 2x)

I comin with the best and fresh from out west
Bus driver takin you to school to pass the test
See I lyrically hypnotic, at times even psychotic, neurotic, bionic
And it may leave you catatonic!

(Repeat Chorus)

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