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Somebody's Smilin' On Me lyrics - Cowboy Troy

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(With Tim McGraw and Big Kenny)

Like dust in the wind, sand sifts through your fingers
Similar to shattered dreams that still linger
Trying to succeed in whatever you do,
But the failures of the past seem to laugh and mock you
I worse than a has-been cause you say I never will be
I just trying to excel so you feel me
cause boundaries are made to be broken
And I leavin all the naysayers chokin
On the dust that I kickin up behind me
It difficult findin words to define me
The hick-hop cowboy from the D-A-double L-A-S
So fresh in the contest
Rockin stages like Guns & Roses
I been flowin since Madonna was strikin poses
I can quit now cause there too much buzz
And I getting my chance because...

Somebody smilin on me, somebody smilin on me
Somebody smilin on me
Count your blessings, can you see
He smilin on you and smilin on me

I remember the days, sittin in the pews
When I heard the preacher sayin pread the news
I was feelin the blues 'il I had a chance to choose
Now I feel the love to the soles of my shoes
Try to walk in the path of the Guiding Light,
I thank the Lord for everything when I pray at night
Cause I can feel His strength, I can feel His power
He the one I turn to in my darkest hour
Try to be a good man, never called a saint
Never walked on water so I know I ain
I might swim in the whiskey but I bathed in the Blood of the Lamb
If you want peace raise your hand
And when Heaven comes it won be no drama
And if you see her first say hi to my mama

(Repeat Chorus)

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