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Henry Lee lyrics - Crooked Still

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Lie down,lie down,love henry lee and stay with me this night.
You will have my candle and coal,my fire's burning bright.
My fire's burning bright!

I won't lie down,i can't lie down and stay all night with you!
There's a lady ten times fairer than you in barnards hall for me.
In barnards hall for me!

He's leaning o'er her soft pillow to give her a kiss so sweet;
But her little,thin knife held keen and sharp,
She's wounded him full(for?)Deep.
She's wounded him full(for?)Deep!

Oh,i will lie down,i must lie down.i welcome it said he!
There's no lady in barnards hall that i love better than thee!
I love no better than thee!

Well live my lord. Lord henry she said,
For an hour,two or three.
And all the cards about my waist i freely give to thee.
I'd freely give to thee!

Well all them cards about your waist will do no good for me!
Love don't you see my own cards flash(flesh?)Come twinkling at my knee.
Come twinkling at my knee!

She took him by his long yellow hair,
She dragged him by his feet!
She threw him down a cold,
Dark well some fifty fathoms deep.
For fifty fathoms deep!

Lie down,lie down you pretty little bird.
Lie down along my knee.
No girl who would murder her own true love,
Would kill a little bird like me.
Would kill a little bird like me!

Oh,i wished i had my bending bow,my arrow in my string!
I'd shoot my dart right through your heart so you no longer sing.
So you no longer sing!

I wished you had your bending bow,
Your arrow in your string!
I'd fly on back to barnards hall,
You'd always hear me sing.
You'd always hear me sing!

I'd fly on back to barnards hall,
You'd always hear me sing.
You'd always hear me sing!

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