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Stop The Bleeding lyrics - Sarah Darling

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Can't run fast enough or get far enough away
Everywhere I go you're there
There's gotta be some place
Where I can give my heart a break
But you are up and down all around like air

All I really need is a little bit of distance
But here you are again breaking down my resistance

Stop my heart from holding on to someone I should
never have believed in
Stop my hands from reachin’
Stop my tears from rollin’ like a river on a rainy day
Someone stop the bleeding

Verse 2
It doesn't get easier no matter how much time goes by
I been just pretending I don’t care
I gotta get past the point
where I get tangled up inside
Anytime I see you anywhere

I'm never far away from becoming a disaster
They say I'm gonna heal, but I gotta do it faster

Repeat chorus

I don't wanna wake up fragile in the morning
So leave my mind so I can sleep

Repeat chorus

It's time to start the healing

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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