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Highway 80 (she's a mighty good road) lyrics - Tracy Grammer and Dave Carter

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Down to a dollar in a terrible fix, i was hopin my bookie would call
Coolin my heels at the motel six, waitin for the axe to fall
Phone rings, man, i'm white as a ghost
But it's my baby on the line from the jersey coast, she says
"C'mon home, honey," gonna make it after all, and it's

First stop, salt lake city
Big springs, laramie lookin mighty pretty
Ogallala, north platte, sun settin in it
Newton to chicago in a new york minute
Then it's hobart, elkhart, maumee, cuyanoga
Youngstown, hazletown, dover i'm a flyin over
Fairfax, bloomfield, bless a my soul:
Highway 80, she's a might good road

I saw me a yarn on the tv set about the surfers out in malibalou
So i bought me some baggies and i hopped me a jet just to see if them stories was true
Well the water was cold and the beer was hot
Called my baby from the parkin lot, i said
"Baby, do you miss me?" "honey, you know that i do"

And it's first stop, salt lake city...

Now if i was a actor or a high-rollin hippie i would head out for the califo-line
Cruise my caddie up and down the strip, hollywood and by-god vine
But i'm an oklahoma boy and i'm east coast bound
Got a redneck woman in a blueblood town
And i'm goin back to see my baby just one more time

And it's first stop, salt lake city...

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