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Tonight The Heartache's On Me

Tonight The Heartache's On Me
(Mary W. Francis, Johnny Macrae & Bob Morrison)

You could've heard a pin drop-when they
Walked trough the door
I had to turn my eyes away-my heart
Fell to the floor
Someone whispered, "Where's her halo?"-
Cause she had an angel's face
He stood there smiling holding on to the
One who took my place

So tonight the heartache's on me, on me
Let's drink a toast to the fool
who couldn't see
Bartender, pour the wine 'cause the
Hurtin's all mine
Tonight the heartache's on me

I wonder if he told her-she's the best
He's ever known
The way he told me ev'ry night when
We were all alone
She'll find out when the new wears off-
He'll find somebody new
She'll learn what the heartache's all
about-and what I'm going through


Yes tonight the heartache's on me