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Four Blue Walls lyrics - The Duhks

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It was past her bedtime
On a stormy night
And she couldn't shut her eyes
And she couldn't blow out the light
So she gave up struggling
And let the candle burn
The hail knocked her window
As her memories knocked in turn
And her room had four blue walls
They've been hers since she was small
No sleep in sight

Oh her father
Is the only one
Who pretends he can't remember
What was done
And her mother
Can't find the strength
To do anything at all but stand and pray

In a room with four blue walls
That were closing in together
'Til they got so goddamn small
That she had to brave the weather
By herself

So she went to the barroom
And she picked a fight
He told her she was looking for trouble
And she said "that's right"
She was looking for an eardrum
So she beat him and she shoved
'Til he couldn't quite resist her when she dragged him home for love

To a room with four blue walls
On a floor that's worn like leather
And the shadows fell across them
As she held their eyes together
And they cried

Would you be my ocean
Won't you be the rain
Can a kiss from you rinse another from my brain
Can we wash these floorboards
Can we wash these walls
Can I close my eyes and sleep once and for all

In a room with four blue walls
Filled from floor to roof with water
And a man who calmly calls her "darling dear"
Not "darling daughter"
She sleeps at last
She sleeps at last

And her room had four blue walls

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