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Sleepin' Is All I Wanna Do / Stars On A Sunny Day lyrics - The Duhks

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Sleepin' is all I want to do
I'm not ready to wake up and leave all that I knew
So, as I wake I wish I could sleep all day
Look at the clock and then I turn away
Even though I know I can't stay, I can't stay, I can't stay,
I must wake up and face another day.

Sleepin' is all I want to do
Though I know my life is waiting for decisions to be made
Wish I could just dream and slip away
Look at the stars, let the moon tell me she'll stay
Even though I know she can't stay, she can't stay, she won’t stay,
She must leave us for the sun to make the day

Take me away, far away from where we are
I really want to make my escape
Mold me, disguise me into whatever you want
Just don't let anybody see where we're goin'!

Sleepin' is all I want to do
I'm useless to the world, but, gotta get up anyway
Against all odds I'll attempt to start the day
I get up too fast, see stars on a sunny day
Oh, my conscience got in the way, made me stray, made me stray
No time to waste, back to bed…Oh, and there I'll stay


Sleeping is all I want to do, sleeping is all I want to do
Dream away, drift away and call it a day…
I could dream my whole life away

[Thanks to Katherine D for lyrics]

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