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Feels So Real lyrics - Edens Edge

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It was two years ago and it was yesterday
It might not make sense but that's just the way it me
I'm as bad as an old washing machine
Spinning round, but I never get clean
Don't you see

'Cause baby you're gone
But you're like the wind
Out of the calm, you come back again
Rattling the windows of my painted shut heart
Feels so real

Inside I still got this breaking in my chest
Don't feel like flesh
It feels like glass
And glass shatters

Oh, outside I'm not leather yet
But these days I'm tougher than I ever thought I'd get
Or ever wanna be
And the heart of the matter

(Repeat Chorus)

Feels so real

Pulling down, Jupiter, would be much easier
Swimming in the sky that would be a breeze
Then finding a magic cure, help me remember
You're nothing but a memory, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

Feels so real

It was two years ago and it was yesterday
(Oh, it feels so real, oh)
Might not make sense
But that's just the way it feels

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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